MI Phone Repair

Alphones are ready to solve every problem in MI phones, one of the common mobile of today due to many reasons. Everything of MI phone can be corrected here..

We have hardworking team to take care of your MI Phone

Customer are like god for Alphones, we ensures about each and every detail of the phone and our team work hard for maintain this image by checking each minute things possible to correct, we have highly qualified customers and expert engineers who tackle each and every problem of the phone very quickly and immediately that is the reason we deliver mobile at promised time, alphones provide the facility of pick and drop which means there is no need of travelling to our store you just need to call to our team and we pick up the phone from your location and drop it back after correcting it. We solve almost every problem in the phone but the major problems which we confronted are mentioned below, if you have some different problem then do contact us

Why You Choose us for MI Phone Repair

There are many reasons to call us, of course it all includes and belongs to phones weather its MI or any other; some of the common mobile issues are as follows:

  • Broken mobile screen: breaking of screen is very normal problem is phone especially smart phones, and smart phones are quite useless without screens due to its touch pad which is screen is case of smart phones, alphones are the best to visit.
  • Charging dock problem: without charging your phone it is like a dead body and charger is just like fuel in the body so if charger is not working properly alphones Is the first solution which should come into your mind
  • Battery working improperly: battery is similar to soul in the body so as soul is essential in human battery is essential in phones.
  • Camera correction: camera is the important part of phones, as the selfie generation cannot live without their camera around them, as they want to capture each and every moment of their life and share it on to different social media platforms.
  • Replacement of back body: usually everyone has to replace their perfectly working phone due to bad body of phone it may have some scratches on to it, paint displacement and many things more but now alphones are there to replace the back body and make the phone a brand new model.
  • Power button issue: there are few buttons on smart phone and power button is one them and its working is quite important so it has to be run correctly.
  • Headphone jack: headphone jack is also be replaced or corrected at alphones.
  • Scratchy frame: frame scratches is the major problem especially for youngster which is been solved by alphones very nicely.

We repair

We alphones repair almost every variety of phones, we always use trust worthy product for repairing the phones some of the common brand phones are as follows:

  1. MI phones Repair
  2. iPphones Repair
  3. Oppo phones Repair
  4. Vivo phones Repair
  5. Honor phones Repair
  6. Comio phones Repair
  7. One plus phones Repair