One Plus Phone Repair

Alphones helps to repair all the categories of phones including one plus phones which are one of the best phones in the market. We help to get your phone alive ones more.

We have hard working team to take care of your OnePlus phone

Customers are very important for Alphones; we look for the quality and branding of our raw products and each and every details of your phone, we pick up your phone and after correcting it deliver it to you in very affordable prices, we respect your money and precious time so delivering your phone on estimated time period is our duty, all the engineers are highly qualified and heavily experienced technician are hired after many round of interviews and tests. All the technician instructed to do all the work under the guidance of experienced engineers of respective product weather its phone, ipod, tablets, etc. every product is precious to us cost of the product will not decrease the value of the product, we respect your sentiments attached with these things.

Why Should You Choose Us for OnePlus Phone Repair

Alphones has numerous benefits, and providing many facilities and list of services along with that, some of the services provided by us are as under:

  • Screen breakage: screen is one of the major problem in smart phone if it breaks, because phone is nothing without screen due to touch capabilities, so anything happens on the screen is been corrected by us.
  • Battery problem: phone is used almost whole day so battery sometime make issue in charging or may be not giving proper backup, so do contact us we provide genuine feedback with solution.
  • Charging jack issue: charging jack is same as our mouth, nothing goes inside the body without mouth and after sometime it stops working, same as with phone battery is the fuel so if there is any problem in charging jack contact us as soon as possible.
  • Back body scratches: many phone suits really well to your hands but just because of scratches they need to discarded, so here we are with a solution of changing the back body of phone and have a brand new phone body with same soul and same sentiments.
  • Camera correction: camera is necessary in this selfie generation so any problem in phone related to camera is not that big but it is big somehow so we are here so solve this as well.
  • Headphone plug in problem: listening music is the favorite pass time and having injured headphone jack is one of the major concerns so alphones is the correct solution to correct this.
  • Button replacement: in smart phone there are only three to four button and when those buttons stop working there Is no option of discarding the phone but alphones make it just as previous.
  • Frame scratches: frame scratches are one of the major problem but alphones have a solution to it.

We repair

We support every model of one plus phones including latest and old models; we use only branded raw products and never ditch our customers by giving wrong information to clients about their product.