Oppo Phone Repair

Alphones is the one stop shop for every phone including Oppo phones which is one of the leading brand in smart phone today due to its high range of camera and lower prices, we should by you to protect your phone in any manner.

We Have Hard Working Team To Take Care Of Your Oppo Phone

Customer are like god to alphones and we not only say this we try to inculcate this into our work as well, we have a team of experienced engineers and expert technician who works really hard to maintain the dignity of the company. We try to bring smile on every customer contacted us and solve their problem with no time frame concept since phone is everything, it help to make contact to someone, helps in work, consist of different information and for most thing social media applications which is essential for youngster as well as everyone. Alphones have the dedicated team working really hard to fulfill your demands and make life easier for you, to connect to us you just need to cal us and we pick you phone and drop it back after correcting it.

Why Should You Choose Us for Oppo Phone Repair

We solve every problem In the phone but of the major problem we have faced and generally for which people come to us are as follows:

  • Battery replacement: everything is essential to work correctly but if battery of the phone does not support then nothing bale to work properly so alphones are always their so solve problems related to batteries of every phone or oppo phones.
  • Headphone connectivity problem: headphone are every useful they used for talking, listening music, watching videos in public places and some secret chats.
  • Screen breakage: screen is one of the main component of every smart phone which able it too work, due to the touch pad ability of smart phones, alphones are there to recover your phone screen in very affordable prices and inn no time frame.
  • Frame replacement: to make your phone a brand new phone frame replacement is the best solution and alphones are always there to replace your phone screen no matter which phone it is.
  • Back body issue: back body is more comes in contact to rough surface which makes it dirty and full of scratches; to give your phone a new look back body replacement is the go to solution.
  • Charging dock problem: charging pin is essential for phones so alphones are there for it.
  • Any button: buttons are very few in smart phone but if any on them is not working do remember alphones.
  • Camera not working: camera is one of the essential part of phone and selfie generation cannot live without it so to make it correct is essential.

We repair

Alphones repairs almost every variety of phones, we try to solve problem of each and every customer contacted us, and our technicians try their level best to make the correction within the budget and best solution possible for the problem some of the major brand we repair are as follows:

  • Oppo phones Repair
  • MI phones Repair
  • Vivo phones Repair
  • iPhones Repair
  • Honor phones Repair
  • Comio phones Repair